Digital Inclusivity – Webinar

Date: 30/04/2020
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Given these unprecedented times we find ourselves in and National Governments targets to minimise the harm caused by Covid-19, vast swathes of the world have been placed in lock-down. The UK Governments swift move from mitigation to suppression in the past days has sent shockwaves across the nation as many over 70’s now face a period of 12 weeks in isolation, void of physical interaction and cut off from family members. Whole families face up to 14 days in isolation, citizens to introduce social distancing, avoiding pubs, theatres, cinemas, clubs and restaurants, we are facing difficult times.

Many commentators are concerned, rightly so when it comes to the word isolation and what detriments to healthcare this will have as we fight Covid-19. This webinar will look at how the digital age can help by connecting people and cities, how by carefully studying the habits and the needs of its citizens we can try to fix the issues in the most suitable way, issues such as:

• Public safety
• An ageing population
• Climate change
• Increase contact between citizens and government

In this webinar Cristina will explore Wireless Cities and how through, Technology, Sustainability and Inclusion we can truly become a digitally inclusive nation.

If you can’t make the date/time don’t worry, the series will be recorded and available for download.

Price: Free for Local/Central Government, Free for current Smart City Members, £60 inc VAT for Private Sector, £150 inc VAT for all 3 in the mini-series
If you are a private company wishing to book your place please email

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