Bathing water quality

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Bathing water quality Performance commitment

Outcome; We protect and improve the water environment

Description; The number of Yorkshire’s bathing waters (for example, beaches) where the requirements of the EU Bathing Water Directive are exceeded based on bathing water samples taken at designated beaches.


This dataset is taken from the below dataset, but reformatted by bathing site and sample date.


AMP6 reporting period

Link Target More than or equal to 15 bathing waters Result 17

Full report for our annual performance report here was initially published in July 2019, updated in November 2019.

About the data

A list of all samples taken from our bathing water sites, tested for ecoli and enterrococci, of which the methodology is published by the Environment Agency here.

A transposed version just containing the values is also available here.

An explanation of the performance commitment can be found here on P90.

The Environment Agency also publishes data for all samples related to Yorkshire Water sites here.