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Environmental Performance Summary Assessment

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This dataset is a complete view of all pollution incidents with the following attributes;

  • Covers the last 3 year in line with the EPA summary (2016 - 2018 inclusive)
  • Includes classifications graded 1-3 (excludes 4)
  • Includes EA (environment assessment) reference
  • Includes Grid references
  • Includes date incident occurred

The information is formatted the same as per the 2013 - 2017 Pollution incidents, but with the following additions

  • Includes self-reported status - This is a metric to measure how many pollution incidents are reported to the EA directly by us vs pollution incidents that are reported directly to the EA by someone other than Yorkshire Water.
  • Water Quality permit compliance - we are publishing a list of the treatments works that have failed water quality compliance which in itself is a metric for measuring overall compliance.

In the event that an incident has been categorised as 1-2 and is currently under PACE (Police and criminal evidence) procedures, only the type of incident and year will published.

The information has been released in support of our Open by Default 2020 commitment to release majority of operational and service data by the end of 2020. Further information on the objective can be found here; https://www.yorkshirewater.com/about-us/newsroom-media/open-data-february-2018

Retrieved from page 14: Incidents and their classification: the Common Incident Classification Scheme (CICS) 

For each functional scheme, the environmental impact categorisation, is split into four categories:

  • Category 1 – major, serious, persistent and/or extensive impact or effect on the environment, people and/or property
  • Category 2 – significant impact or effect on the environment, people and/or property
  • Category 3 – minor or minimal impact or effect on the environment, people and/or property
  • Category 4 – substantiated incident with no impact. Assign the impact category corresponding to the highest criteria selected. The potential impact category assigned informs the response time required (refer to incident management service levels).

This is the annual published EPA (environment performance assessment) summary document, which can be found here https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/815129/Water_company_performance_report_2018.pdf

On page 6 of the link, you will see the normalised data comparison against the other WASC's (Water and Sewage Companies). For the purposes of clarity, both the normalised and actual figures have been included in the attached EPA summary document.

We have also included details of the Water Quality Compliance summary, of which the supporting dataset is also included with this dataset, entitled '2016-2018 Water Quality permit compliance'.

This is the main summary dataset that underpins the EPA summary document published annually by the environment agency.

This dataset relates to all failed clean and waste treatment works and their categorisation between 2016 and 2018, in line with the EPA Summary document.

This is a geojson file format of the 2016-2018 EPA Summary dataset. Geojson file formats are a machine readable file format that allows for easier mapping of the data.

This is a screenshot of the geojson file mapped onto the ODI Leeds data mapper, which can be found here https://mapper.odileeds.org/