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Leakage Performance commitment

Outcome; We make sure that you always have enough water

Description; The total amount of water lost, in distribution and through supply pipes. This includes any losses between the treatment works and the customer’s stop tap but doesn’t include internal plumbing losses.

Leakage  (327.66 kB)

AMP6 reporting period

Link Target; Less than or equal to 292.1 mega litres per day (Ml/d) / Result; 289.8 mega litres per day Ml/d

Full report for our annual performance report here was initially published in July 2019, updated in November 2019.

This dataset presents leakage distributed at DMA level. A DMA is a distribution management area; for which a flow is recorded through a monitoring point. Each DMA belongs to an Ownership Area. Leakage is actively controlled across each Ownership Area; the DMAs which make up that ownership area are subject to leakage detection and control methods. Yorkshire Water has circa 3000 DMAs forming part of the clean water distribution network. 90% of our distribution network is accurately measured, for the remaining 10% we estimate a leakage value. The recorded minimum flow through the monitoring point is used in the leakage calculation for each DMA. Leakage is any residual value remaining after deductions of any actual water usage.