Performance commitments

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Here is a list of all our performance commitments and more importantly, the data that supports each one.

Performance commitment

  1. Drinking water quality (326,201 rows)
  2. Significant drinking water events which require corrective action (31 rows)
  3. Drinking water contacts (7,839 rows)
  4. Water quality stability and reliability factor (6 rows)
  5. Leakage (2,579 rows)
  6. Water supply interruptions (1,900 rows)
  7. Water use (10,588 rows)
  8. Water network stability and reliability factor (7 rows)
  9. Internal sewer flooding incidents (1,692 rows)
  10. External sewer flooding incidents (9,117 rows)
  11. Pollution incidents (391 rows)
  12. Sewer network stability and reliability factor (7 rows)
  13. Length of river improved (13 rows)
  14. Solutions delivered by working with others (11 rows)
  15. Amount of land conserved and enhanced (116 rows)
  16. Recreational visitor satisfaction (20 rows)
  17. Number of Yorkshire's designated bathing waters that exceed the required quality standard (1,441 rows)
  18. Wastewater quality stability and reliability factor (4 rows)
  19. Proportion of energy use generated by renewable technology (4,113 rows)
  20. Proportion of waste diverted from landfill (10 rows)
  21. Customer service - service incentive mechanism (SIM)
  22. Service commitment failures (20 rows)
  23. Overall customer satisfaction (CCWater annual tracking survey)
  24. Cost of bad debt to customers (expressed as proportion of bill) (4 rows)
  25. Number of people who we help to pay their bill (8 rows)
  26. Value for money (CCWater annual tracking survey)

362,376 rows in total

Glossary of terms and acronym finder (1,422 rows)

About the data

As part of our ongoing commitment to publish information relating to our performance commitments, we have enclosed supporting information specific to our water quality performance commitments published in our 2018/19 APR(Annual Performance Report) here.

Our assessment of each of the performance commitments can be found within our APR link above, with our assessment specific to these performance commitments from P67 onwards.

The information has been provided in excel to illustrate how the calculations are derived, but also csv as a source data set that meets the 3 star standard introduced here;