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This dataset contains information on Stockport residents who are smokers and/or have asthma, aggregated by LSOA.

The data provided for each item is the directly age standardised rate per 100,000, for all persons, males only and females only. An assessment of the statistical significance of each data point is also provided.

Information on the calculation of direct age standardized rates can be found in the Technical Documentation below.

Data covers the three financial years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.

AllSmoking: All Smokers

MaleSmok: Male Smokers

FemSmok: Female Smokers

AllSignifS: All Smokers Significance

MaleSigniS: Male Smokers Significance

FemSigniS: Female Smokers Significance

AllAsthma: All Asthma

MalAsthma: Male Asthma

FemAsthma: Female Asthma

AllAsSigni: All Asthma Significance

MaAsSigni: Male Asthma Significance

FeAsSigni: Female Asthma Significance