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Link Target; Less than 12 minutes Actual; 10min 28secs

Outcome; We make sure that you always have enough water

Description; The number of minutes lost per property served due to supply interruptions of three hours or longer (irrespective of whether it’s planned, unplanned or caused by a third party).

This is a full dataset of all 1,899 water supply interruptions to domestic properties between April 2018 and March 2019 inclusive.

The calculation of 10:28 is the sum of all minutes lost within column 'CML' (customer minutes lost) converted from the fraction 10.464 expressed. For example 10.5 would be 10 minutes and 30 seconds, 30 seconds being half(0.5) of 60 seconds in fractions.

Incidents that have an initial CSL (customer seconds lost) of 1 second or greater or calculated to be over 10 hours regardless of the CSL impact trigger an incident review. CSL is the duration of an event multiplied by the number of properties affected.

This is then divided by the total number of properties in Yorkshire and then multiplied by 60 for the CML or 3600 for the CSL. This is calculated to normalise the impacts of interruptions over all the water companies in England and Wales