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GeoJSON Leeds City Council Source Datasets
  • Updated 13 days ago

    Bring sites

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset providing the locations of all bring sites in Leeds and what items you can dispose. This dataset also shows the amount of glass collected at each site each month from April 2016. Bring sites are smaller recycling sites which you'll find in supermarkets or pub car parks. Depending on the site, you can recycle a variety of things including paper, glass, clothing, food/drink cans and plastic bottles. Further information Please t...
  • Updated a month ago

    Public access free WiFi

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset to show the locations of council buildings and areas that have free public access WIFI. The dataset provides the locations that are currently live and the dates of when existing buildings are planned to go live. Additional Information The dataset will be updated at the end of October and again at the end of April.
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Community services

    Leeds City Council
    Dataset providing locations of services including medical centres, educational establishments, stations, community centres, emergency services and hotels. Additional information The Eastings and Northings provided are code point centroids for the relevant post codes only and are not building specific.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Litter bin locations

    Leeds City Council
    Litter bin locations showing council bin id number and Easting and Northing
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Dementia cafés in Leeds

    Leeds City Council
    List of all Dementia cafes in Leeds. Additional information  To find out more about dementia cafes and the support available, please click here:
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Pedestrian crossing points

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset to show the traffic light crossing points in Leeds giving road name, postcode, easting and northing. The data consists of road junctions which contain signalled crossing points. signalled crossings which can consist of pedestrian crossings including Pelicans, Puffins, Toucans and One-can crossings Additional Information For more information on pedestrian crossings please visit: