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  • Updated 2 days ago

    Watsit (water situation) report

    Yorkshire Water
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Pollution incidents

    Yorkshire Water
    This dataset is a complete* view of all pollution incidents with the following attributes; Covers a 5 year period (2013 - 2017 inclusive) Includes classifications graded 1-3 (excludes 4) Includes NIRS (national incident recording system) reference Includes Grid references Includes date incident occurred *Has been subjected and qualified through PACE (police and criminal evidence) procedures, of which 4 case during this period are s...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    Bradford rain gauge rainfall data

    City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    This dataset has been published as a one off dataset by City of Bradford MDC for the #FloodHack16.  The dataset shows 3 rain gauge locations across Bradford for the month of December 2015 covering the Christmas period when the region experienced significant rainfall. Please note The dataset shows a timestamp every time 0.2mm of rainfall has been collected.  This means the closer the timestamp, the heavier it is raining.
  • Updated 2 years ago

    M62 junction 25 to 30 traffic flow

    Highways England
    A dataset providing a minute by minute traffic flow for Junctions 25 to 30 of the M62. Traffic data is recorded via inductive loops by the MIDAS Subsystem (Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling) for those sites that have been enabled as traffic counting sites. The geographic address includes both a figure for the distance along the carriageway (e.g. 1962 = 96.2km from the start of the motorway) and a letter suffix for t...
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Flood affected properties

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset highlighting properties affected by the recent flooding in the Leeds region broken down by postcode sector. Please note Properties described as flats may have partially flooded but each property would be logged individually. Some locations do not have a postcode sector, this may be due to the property being a parent shell, playing field, sports ground, allotment or the land is used for storage.  A parent shell is a 'wrappe...