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  • Updated 5 hours ago

    Grace hosting

    Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network
    A dataset showing the number of nights asylum seekers stayed with volunteers with the Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network.  The Grace Hosting project links volunteers who have a spare room in their house, with asylum seekers and refugees who have nowhere to stay, and has been going for about 15 years. . Further information  For more information on Grace Hosting visit
  • Updated 18 hours ago

    Leeds markets

    Leeds City Council
    This dataset shows outside market stalls data for Leeds city, Yeadon, Pudsey and Otley. Information includes number of stalls available, how many empty stalls there were on trading days and whether these stalls were offered at a reduced rate. Information Data starts on 01/04/2002 and is updated monthly.
  • Updated 2 days ago

    Business rates

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    Business Rates (National Non-Domestic Rates) are a Government tax on all commercial property.  Business Rates are payable on most non-domestic property. If a property is used both for living accommodation and running a business, for example a public house or a shop with a flat above, then both Council Tax and Business Rates will normally be payable. This open dataset is a comprehensive list of all current non-domestic (business) rates ...
  • Updated 6 days ago

    Leeds annual traffic growth

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset to show the traffic count from 29 recorders located around Leeds. Please note Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken.  Cosit - Site ID number which indicates the recorder location (see Recorder Locations document below). Period - length of time count was taken.  LaneNumber - Lane ID number which indicates the number of lanes.  LaneDirection - the number of directions the lane or lanes go.  Direction - the dir...
  • Updated 6 days ago

    Library loans - top 100 authors borrowed (adult fiction)

    Leeds City Council
    This dataset provides a list of the top 100 adult fiction authors borrowed from Leeds City Council libraries, ranked in order of the number of loans for their books.
  • Updated 6 days ago

    Library computer use by age

    Leeds City Council
    This data set shows IT use, by age, in Leeds libraries on a monthly basis.
  • Updated 8 days ago

    Workforce profile of Leeds City Council

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset providing a snapshot of the workforce profile of Leeds City Council.  Further information FTE - Full time equivalent, these are the hours worked by one employee on a full-time basis. 1 FTE unit is the equivalent to one employee working full time (37 hours), 0.5 FTE is the equivalent of one employee working 18.5 hours.  BME - The number of employees who've declared they're black and/or minority ethnic Carers - The number of em...
  • Updated 9 days ago

    Business rates

    Leeds City Council
    Information on all business who pay business rates in Leeds. Information includes business name, rateable value and full postal address. For a visualisation of the information contained in this data set please visit ODI Leeds Information Individuals who are registered and work from their home address have been removed for data protection purposes. After Friday 27th October 2017, the business rates dataset will be updated quarterly. B...
  • Updated 14 days ago

    Contracts register - other

    Leeds City Council
    This dataset lists all contracts currently in place with Leeds City Council as well as expired contracts for the previous month where no tender process has been run e.g. 3 quote process. Information includes title of contact, contractor, start and end dates, and estimated value. Local Government Transparency Code 2015 This is a key dataset which the government wants local authorities to publish.
  • Updated 15 days ago

    Council spend over £250

    Sheffield City Council
    The government recommends that local authorities publish expenditure over £500 and all expenditure made on purchasing cards. As of January 2014 and in line with our commitment to openness and transparency we will now be publishing ALL transactions (note; areas may be redacted as they may be commercially sensitive or there may be data protection issues). Local Government Transparency Code 2015 This is a key dataset which the government ...