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Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Source Datasets
  • Updated 4 days ago

    Business rates

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    Business Rates (National Non-Domestic Rates) are a Government tax on all commercial property.  Business Rates are payable on most non-domestic property. If a property is used both for living accommodation and running a business, for example a public house or a shop with a flat above, then both Council Tax and Business Rates will normally be payable. This open dataset is a comprehensive list of all current non-domestic (business) rates ...
  • Updated 14 days ago

    Public health funerals

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    Under the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984, we have a statutory duty to make arrangements for the funeral of any person who has died or is found dead in the Wakefield District, where it appears that no suitable funeral arrangements have been made, or are being made. Before arranging a person’s funeral we will make enquiries as to the existence of a will, any relatives who are able to deal with the arrangements, or funds to ...
  • Updated 2 months ago

    Special Educational Needs; and Education, Health & Care Plans

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a single multi-agency plan for children and young people aged 0-25 who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. The Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Team (SENART) manages the Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans process at Wakefield Council.  The following datasets summarise activity in relation to: the statutory assessment process; issuing Education, Health and Care P...
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Council spending

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    The government recommends that local authorities publish expenditure over £500 and all expenditure made on purchasing cards. As of Q1 2019/20 and in line with our commitment to openness and transparency we will now be publishing ALL transactions. The list will include: transactions for all values to external suppliers spend incurred in providing services It will not include: payments made to staff sensitive personal information, such...
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Grant payments

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    ​​Details of all grants made by Wakefield Council to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations. Details include: date the grant was awarded time period for which the grant has been given local authority department which awarded the grant beneficiary beneficiary’s registration number summary of the purpose of the grant, and amount. We have taken the decision to publish this information quarterly. The first ...
  • Updated 5 months ago


    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    Income and expenditure on Wakefield Council's parking account. The data includes: a breakdown of income and expenditure on the authority’s parking account This includes a breakdown of income and details of revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and Penalty Charge Notices a breakdown of how the authority has spent a surplus on its parking account, and the number of marked out controlled on and off-street parki...
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Trade union facility time

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 requires the publication of the number of staff who are employed by Wakefield Council and also act as Trade Union Representatives.  The data represents a snapshot in time (January 1st).  The dataset includes: total number (absolute number and full time equivalent) of staff who are union representatives (e.g. general, learning and health and safety representatives) total number (absolute nu...
  • Updated 7 months ago

    Council spending summaries

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    This dataset comprises spending summaries for a range of services and cost types.  Included at present are summaries of, agency social worker costs, consultant costs, domestic abuse service costs, expenditure on temporary accomodation, public health funeral costs.
  • Updated 2 years ago

    Licensed premises

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    This dataset shows premises licences, club premises certificates and temporary event notices.  Data originally compiled as part of the Local Governent Association's open data incentive scheme.   Searchable public register of licensed premises available at
  • Created 2 years ago

    Public toilets

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    Location of public toilets in the Wakefield District, including opening times and facilities available.  Data originally compiled as part of the Local Governent Association's open data incentive scheme.