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Education Transparency
  • Updated 2 months ago

    WiFi spots

    A dataset showing a list of free wifi hotspots provided by Bradford MDC including the full postal address and the longitude and latitude breakdown of each spot. Further information For further information on wifi hotspots in Bradford visit
  • Updated 2 months ago

    Healthy life

    Health life expectancy by regions, listing includes data for Males and Females up to certain ages.  Life expectancy (LE) is an estimate of how many years a person might be expected to live, whereas healthy life expectancy (HLE) is an estimate of how many years they might live in a 'healthy' state. HLE is a key summary measure of a population's health.
  • Updated 10 months ago

    Bradford Pollution Levels

    Datasets showing nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at the Bradford location (Mayo Avenue).   Additional information  The data is collected on an hourly basis Column A = Date of collection (DD/MM/YYYY) Column B onwards = Time of collection   NOTE: The data is not necessarily collected for all dates/times/stations   Defra air quality data   This data is managed by DEFR...
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    Durham City Major Centre Statistics

    Durham City Major Centre Statistics