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Health Leeds City Council
  • Updated 7 days ago

    Coronavirus Service Requests

    Leeds City Council
    A data set which shows the service requests that have been made by Leeds residents for assistance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Updated 10 days ago

    Clean Air Zone - Grants and Loans paid

    Leeds City Council
    This data set shows the grant funding provided to businesses to support them in modifying or replacing vehicles in order to meet emissions standards for the Leeds Clean Air Zone.
  • Updated 21 days ago

    Public health funeral data

    Leeds City Council
    Information on funerals organised by Leeds City Council due to circumstances such as no traceable next of kin, next of kin unable or prepared to organise or no-one able/available to fund the funeral. Dataset guidance Column 1: Postcode of area of the last known address of the deceased. Column 2: Date of death. Column 3: Total cost of the funeral (not just the amount the council recovers, or the charge by the council). Column 4: Date th...
  • Updated a month ago

    Leeds annual cycle growth

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset to show the cycle counts from 36 recorders located around the West Yorkshire district. 10 of these have no data prior to 2016, 2 no data prior to 2017 and 12 no data prior to 2019. Additionally a new location was monitored for the first time in 2020 Please Note Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken. Cosit - camera ID number which indicates the camera location (see Camera Locations document below). Period - l...
  • Updated 2 months ago

    Ratified air quality - nitrogen dioxide

    Leeds City Council
    Datasets showing ratified nitrogen dioxide levels (NO2) at various locations around Leeds. The data is broken down into 15 minute averages.  Please note The data is not necessarily collected for all dates/times/stations. Data collected within 6 months of today's date will be provisional and not verified as accurate. Data within the last calendar year will be published at hourly intervals and then once verified the 15 minute averages wi...
  • Updated 2 months ago

    Noise abatement notices

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset providing a list of Section 80 (noise abatement) notices issued by Leeds City Council. An abatement notice can be served by the local authority if they are satisfied that a noise problem amounts to a statutory nuisance. The notice may require that the noise be stopped altogether or limited to certain times of day. The notice can be served on the person responsible for the noise, who then has 21 days to appeal. Further Informat...
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Community services

    Leeds City Council
    Dataset providing locations of services including medical centres, educational establishments, stations, community centres, emergency services and hotels. Additional information The Eastings and Northings provided are code point centroids for the relevant post codes only and are not building specific.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Leeds meteorological data

    Leeds City Council
    Hourly and 15 minute meteorological data from a weather station in Leeds. Please note the change of location of the station as below. Readings were taken at: Pottery Fields: Long: -1.543237, Lat: 53.787769 from 01/01/2008 - 21/03/2011. Knowsthorpe Gate: Long: -1.543237, Lat: 53.787769 from 22/03/2011 - 01/07/18. Wind Direction - is the mean direction for the period in degrees. Wind Speed - meters per second Standard deviation of Wi...
  • Updated 5 months ago

    My Health My School Survey

    Leeds City Council
    The ‘My Health, My School’ (MHMS) annual school survey is a free on-line primary and secondary school pupil survey traditionally available for pupils in Years 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11. From September 2018, the survey has been extended to provide for our SILC and post-16 settings. The survey gathers important pupil perception data and measures health behaviours contributing to school improvement by providing instant data for schools across a ra...
  • Created 6 months ago

    Frailty in Leeds

    Leeds City Council
    Frailty Definition In Leeds, we use the Electronic Frailty Index to decide which level of frailty people fall within.  Some guidance notes can be found here together with a definition of the frailty levels.  LSMP & The Light This stands for Leeds Student Medical Practice and The Light is a general practice situated within The Light shopping centre in Leeds. Numbers less than 6 are suppressed. Worksheet 1: Frailty People aged 65 a...