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Health Transparency
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    City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    List of Allotments within the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.  For details of the waiting list and availability please visit the Allotment waiting list Further Information For further information on alltoments, visit
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    Bradford general election results 2017

    City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    Dataset provides information on general elections in Bradford. You can find details of candidates, the parties they represent, and the number of votes they received.
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    Bradford Pollution Levels

    City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    Datasets showing nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at the Bradford location (Mayo Avenue).   Additional information  The data is collected on an hourly basis Column A = Date of collection (DD/MM/YYYY) Column B onwards = Time of collection   NOTE: The data is not necessarily collected for all dates/times/stations   Defra air quality data   This data is managed by DEFR...
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    Office of National Statistics
    Nomis is a service provided by the Office for National Statistics, ONS, to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics from official sources. Nomis Select Dataset By Source Datasets by source Annual Civil Service Employment Survey Annual Population Survey/Labour Force Survey Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings Business Register and Employment Survey/Annual Business Inquiry Census 1981 Ce...
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    Durham City Major Centre Statistics

    Durham County Council
    Durham City Major Centre Statistics