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  • Updated a month ago

    Community centres

    Leeds City Council
    Detailed list of all community centres in Leeds. Data includes name of the centre, address, contact details and facilities.
  • Updated 7 months ago

    Temporary event notices

    Leeds City Council
    This dataset contains information about temporary event notices which are one-off permissions granted to people wanting to hold a specific event that involves the activities such as serving food or selling alcohol. The best way to work with this dataset is to save it to your computer and open it in a spread sheet program like Microsoft Excel. Please read the 'How to work with this xml file' document below for instructions about how to d...
  • Updated a year ago


    Leeds City Council
    This dataset shows premises Licences, club premises certificates and temporary event notices. Local Government Association/Open Data Institute Leeds City Council is participating in a scheme run by the LGA and ODI to standardise datasets from local authorities. Public toilets, premises licences, and planning datasets have been identified first to pilot this scheme. Please note: This dataset is no longer being kept up to date and ...