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ODI Leeds

Leeds City Council, who manage Data Mill North, are proud to be one of the sponsors of ODI Leeds and host Leeds City Council’s Innovation Labs (data dives, hack events) in ODI Leeds’ unique collaboration space.

ODI Leeds is a pioneer node of Open Data Institute HQ and was established in November 2013. ODI Leeds works to bring social, environmental, and economic value in Leeds through open data.

Become an Individual Supporter of ODI Leeds

Join a unique group of people who share a deep interest in open data. Connect and collaborate, boost your skills, stay ahead of the game and help promote an open data culture.

Sign up for an Open Data course

The Open Data Institute create practical courses that bring together everyone’s experiences to ensure you leave knowing how to put your training into practice.

Use the Collaborative Workspace

Located at the fantastic Munro House, ODI Leeds invites you to use its collaborative workspace.

Become a Sponsor of the ODI Leeds node

ODI Leeds would not be possible without sponsors. Become the catalyst for action with open data, for good across Leeds & the City Region.

ODI Open Data Certificates

Effectively describe your open data and assess its quality with an Open Data Institute Open Data Certificate.

You can contact ODI Leeds by calling +44(0)7895 845 749 or email, visit the ODI Leeds website, or tweet @ODILeeds