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SMART LEEDS is the Leeds City Council-led programme created to identify and deliver new technologies and innovative solutions to help make Leeds the best place to live, work and visit. 

Image stating that Leeds has a population of over 750,000
Image stating that Leeds has a broad and diverse population
Image stating that Leeds is delivering innovative services
Image stating that Leeds has the fastest UK private sector jobs growth
Image stating that Leeds has positive economic growth prospects
Image stating that Leeds has urban and countryside landscapes

Smart City Foundations

Building the smart city starts with building the right foundations. That’s why we’re focusing on World-Class Connectivity, Open Data & Analytics, Digital Inclusion and Collaboration

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Link to 100% DIGITAL LEEDS digital inclusion page
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Our Priorities

Like any other city, Leeds has its challenges. Our BIG 4 priorities are Health & Wellbeing, Housing Standards & Growth, Climate Emergency and Travel and transport.

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Check out the videos outlining our work!

What’s new?

We love innovation and always looking at how technology can improve our city.  It’s important however, that as our city grows, everyone benefits.  We call this inclusive growth.

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Join us!

We want to hear from you – lots of ways to contact us and get involved! We can achieve more when we work together!

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Smart Leeds and Leeds City Council logos. Smart Leeds is a Leeds City Council programme