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In response to the UN’s report on climate change, Leeds City Council is committed to making Leeds carbon neutral by 2030 and in March 2019, declared a climate emergency.

The city is leading the way in areas such as improving the energy efficiency of homes, introducing electric vehicle charging points and introducing more low emission buses.

This is an important topic that is not going away.  We are investigating how new and innovative technologies can assist with delivering a cleaner, greener environment for everyone.

WE ARE  introducing a new Clean Air Zone to improve the city’s environment and bring about health benefits for all.

WE ARE collecting city centre air quality data which will be used as part of a Leeds Beckett University Heat Island Effect study to help us better understand the urban environment.

WE ARE the lead authority for hydrogen conversion in the country with a vision that Leeds could become one of the first cities in the UK to convert to 100% hydrogen.

WE ARE installing Leeds PIPES – the city’s flagship District Heating Network.

WE ARE replacing all street lights with LEDs and introduce more part-night operation into a further 8,000 lights that will eventually result in a carbon saving of approximately 8,823t CO2 per annum.

WE ARE investigating how we can reduce in-work travel to help reduce the city’s CO2 emissions.

WE WILL upgrade the entire council 350-strong vehicle fleet to electric, the largest local authority electric fleet in England.

WE WILL look at how Internet of Things devices can help us improve our environment.


Smart Leeds and Leeds City Council logos. Smart Leeds is a Leeds City Council programme