Our requirements and expectations of what we expect from the internet continues to increase.  It’s important that access and capacity continues to grow in line with these expectations to ensure that Leeds continues to be an attractive place for businesses to thrive and for residents and visitors to get the most out of being online.  Leeds City Council is working hard to ensure the city is connected with super fast fibre broadband and is ready to exploit new technologies such as next generation 5G mobile.

Free Wi-Fi has been rolled out to all Leeds City Council buildings and some city centre locations such as Millennium Square and Briggate.  Getting online is easier than ever before but there’s lots more to do to keep up with the latest technology and to make sure no one is left behind.

To continue to complete globally and build on its already vibrant digital community, Leeds needs world-class connectivity.  Furthermore, expectations from citizens and visitors continue to rise in a world which is ‘always on’.

WE ARE working with government and private sector suppliers to ensure people and communities have access to the best possible broadband speeds.

WE ARE exploring all opportunities for Leeds to become a test bed for new and emerging 5G technology.

WE ARE building on the successful roll out of free wi-fi in city centre locations and council buildings.

WE ARE exploring how technologies such as LoRaWAN, Small Cells and 4G capabilities can enhance services that the council delivers.

WE WILL work towards equipping all council houses and flats with access to the lowest priced broadband.