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Our Challenge 

Leeds City Council and City of York Council have been successful in being selected as one if the final five Challenge Owners in the GovTech Catalyst Challenge. The focus of our challenge is to improve the management of the council’s housing stock, leading to improved housing standards and improved health and wellbeing of tenants. This challenge is about linking the living environment to a person’s health.

How might we use technology to monitor the condition and quality of the council’s housing stock to proactively identify and prevent adverse environmental issues that might impact on the tenant’s health?

Supplier Briefing Event 

This packed event was held at Co>Space North in Leeds on Thursday 11th April. No problem if you didn’t manage to make it, here’s what you missed…

Link to Supplier Brief event Slide Deck

Link to Supplier Brief Event Videos

Link to Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: All Q&As from the Supplier Briefing Event will be listed below in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions section’. We’ll continually update these so make sure you check back regularly.
Please accept our apologies on the video quality – this was due to outside light.  The last 5 minutes of the event (Q&As) were not captured however all Q&As are listed in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Mailing list: We’re keen to promote collaboration!  Check out the mailing list of all those who attended the Supplier Briefing Event and those who have contacted us since to say that they’re happy to share their details.  If you would like adding to this list, please contact us at

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Short video from GDS Sprint Event:

A quick guide to the GovTech Catalyst 

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