A growing population and access to affordable housing are key challenges for us to tackle.  Leeds has over 57,000 council houses which often need maintaining to improve living standards.  We’re looking at how the latest technology can assist in ensuring homes stay in a good state of repair for longer.

These days, broadband is often considered as a a utility, just like water, electricity and gas.  We’re therefore looking at how we can get broadband access installed in all council houses to help tenants get online as cheaply as possible and enable them get to the most out of what the internet offers.

The council has championed the ‘Leeds Housing Standard’, where the new technologies are being used to ensure new homes are built to be sustainable and energy efficient such as those being built by CITU.

Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and like many other major cities has continued housing shortage pressures.  The council is also the largest residential landlord in the city, giving us a unique opportunity to influence the standards of many of the properties in Leeds.

WE ARE promoting the ‘Leeds Standard’ as the sustainable standard for all new homes to be built to.

WE ARE investigating how smart sensor technology can help us manage our housing stock more efficiently.

WE WILL identify smart ways of assisting council tenants to report repairs and contact the council for assistance.

WE WILL work with council tenants to ensure they’re prepared for the roll out of the online-only Universal Credit system.

WE WILL work with city planners to ensure smart solutions and innovation are embedded in new projects and programmes.