Leeds is making great strides by working collaboratively with individuals and organisations across the city. The universities, hospital and council are bringing together their collective creative and innovative talent to form a new Innovation District which will attract new research facilities, provide a range of work spaces, create new development opportunities and provide new high-density housing to attract and retain skilled workers.

The creation of dedicated districts or ‘Living Labs’ to trial new innovation with a receptive audience is a model being used by a number of international cities. The redevelopment of the South Bank, one of the largest in Europe, provides the unique opportunity to adopt this approach in Leeds.

We’re spreading the word in communities to ensure that everyone is involved in shaping future innovation.  If you want to be involved in these conversations, email us at open.data@leeds.gov.uk, we’d love to hear from you!

Leeds is at the forefront of using innovative technology and smart thinking to deliver sustainable solutions which will benefit everyone.  Here’s just a few of the initiatives that you may already be aware of:

  • Leeds PIPES project underway to harness energy from the new Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility at Cross Green
  • Leeds Care Record sharing patient data between healthcare professionals to provide an improved, joined-up service
  • Smart Parking scheme to help drivers identify free parking spaces helping to reduce CO2 emissions
  • New sustainable homes being built by CITU in the city centre to the ‘Leeds Homes Standard’
  • £50 UK-first moveable weir to help protect the city centre from flooding