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Our Leeds Inclusive Growth Strategy sets out how Leeds City Council, the private sector, universities, colleges and schools, the third sector and social enterprises in the city will work together to grow the Leeds economy ensuring that everyone in the city contributes to, and benefits from, growth to their full potential. It sets out how the city intends to promote a positive, outward looking image on the global stage seeking to increase inward investment, exports and tourism.

It sets out 12 “big ideas” that act as an action plan to encourage inclusive growth in the city, these are focused on supporting people, places and productivity. We have identified growth sectors that will help deliver our ideas, they cover a large part of the Leeds economy and a range of jobs at all skill levels.

Check out the Leeds Inclusive Growth website for more information and see the video below.

Our 12 BIG IDEAS for inclusive growth 

Smart Leeds and Leeds City Council logos. Smart Leeds is a Leeds City Council programme