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  • Updated 4 months ago

    Employment rate from 1971 - 2015

    Measure of Employment rates from 1971 to 2015. Employment rate shows the take up of employment in percentage terms from 1971 to 2015 across England.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Crime Bradford

    Crime Statistics in the Bradford District, including the type of crime and general location.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Healthy life

    Health life expectancy by regions, listing includes data for Males and Females up to certain ages.  Life expectancy (LE) is an estimate of how many years a person might be expected to live, whereas healthy life expectancy (HLE) is an estimate of how many years they might live in a 'healthy' state. HLE is a key summary measure of a population's health.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Grants to third sector organisations

    A summary of all grant payments made by Liverpool City Council to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations. More information available on our website. Local Government Transparency Code 2015 This is a key dataset which the government wants local authorities to publish.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Contracts register - tenders

    This dataset lists all contracts currently in place with Liverpool City Council. Local Government Transparency Code 2015 This is a key dataset which the government wants local authorities to publish.
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Adult education courses

    Dataset of adult education courses provided in Leeds by those organisations funded by Leeds City Council. Leeds Adult Learning Check out the website which this dataset powers: Automated update This dataset is updated automatically on a daily basis.
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Community services

    Dataset providing locations of services including medical centres, educational establishments, stations, community centres, emergency services and hotels. Additional information The Eastings and Northings provided are code point centroids for the relevant post codes only and are not building specific.
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Leeds City Council international travel

    Dataset showing all instances of overseas travel by Leeds City Council officers and councillors.  The dataset shows places visited and the associated travel costs.  On some occasions these costs were met by other organisations or bodies. Please note Lower ranking council officers have had their names redacted Instances of repatriation are listed, though details of city/town are redacted to protect the identity of those affected
  • Updated 6 months ago

    Flooding grants

    This flooding grants dataset shows grants awarded to businesses affected by the Christmas 2015 floods in Leeds.  Businesses can apply for two grants as detailed below.  Each line represents a single grant awarded to a business. Grant types Relief grants help businesses get back up and running after being affected by the flooding. Resilience grants help businesses install preventative flood risk measures.  Formal Leeds City Counc...
  • Updated 8 months ago

    Private water supplies

    A dataset of private water supplies on commercial premises, with longitude and latitude geo-tags. A private water supply (PWS) is a supply of water which is not provided by a water supplier (e.g. Yorkshire Water). The source of the supply may come from a: Well Borehole Spring River or stream Lake or pond Private distribution system (mains water privately distributed by a second party) The supply may serve one property or sev...