We may be sticklers for statistics but our real passion is the people and the stories behind the numbers. From bedroom developers to multi-national, world-leaders in technology and innovation, Leeds is teeming with talent. Some people are at the bleeding edge of the curve creating the future of service delivery, whilst others are just starting out on an Open Data journey working in challenging, complex and political environments to bring a relatively new and unproven innovation to businesses across the city and the UK. Hear some of their experiences or share yours on our blog, and keep an eye out for the latest events, training and networking happening in Leeds.


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Using tech for healthy ageing

Today's guest blog is an update regarding our recent Local Government Association sponsored Innovation Lab across the North of England. Lee Emery from Stockport talks about the proposal chosen to be developed further below.
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ODI Leeds and Friends Showcase 2017

Leeds Digital Festival returns for 2017, and with it so does our ODI Leeds & Friends Showcase! Last year's event had a fabulous turnout of nearly 100 people throughout the day, popping along to hear about ODI Leeds and the partners and sponsors that make the digital scene in Leeds so vibrant.
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Upcoming Events

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Open Source Hardware Camp 2017

Date: 02/09/2017 - 03/09/2017

Venue: The Birchcliffe Centre
Birchcliffe Road
Hebden Bridge

Open Source Hardware Camp 2017 will take place place in the north of England, in the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge. Running over the course of a weekend, with talks on the Saturday and workshops on the Sunday. There will also be a social event on the Saturday evening.

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IoT build and deploy at Wuthering Bytes

Date: 03/09/2017

Venue: Bridge Rectifier
Hebble End
Hebden Bridge

Utilising a technology called LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) devices can be created inexpensively with massive range and low power consumption. This makes it ideal for the creation of sensors and devices that can be left in remote locations. This workshop is a practical demonstration that will take people through the process of building simple devices that can be connected to the Things Network.

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Things Happening

Date: 04/09/2017

Venue: Hebden Bridge Town Hall
Saint George's Street
Hebden Bridge

Things Happening on 4 September is a one day symposium that will explore the potential of Long Range Wide Area Networks. From building the underlying infrastructure to deployment of sensors and devices, it is an opportunity to see what is being developed, and learn from the people who are doing it.

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Alois Afilipoaie

Alois has a keen interest in open data as he believes it can play an important role in creating real social change. He joins from the council’s Business Improvement team where he continues to work as a Project Officer involved in business analysis and change management. Having started with Leeds City Council on its Graduate Development Programme in September 2015, Alois has acquired experience in data analysis and information management. Currently, he juggles between Open Data management, Smart Cities projects and many Kanban User Stories.

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Michael Ramsey

Michael is new to the public sector and Open Data worlds, having joined Leeds City Council’s Graduate Development Programme in September 2016. Prior to this, he studied International Relations at the University of Leeds; including spending a year studying in Germany. He will be co-ordinating Smart Cities and Open Data projects for his first 8-month placement at the Council.

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Forsyth Hill

Forsyth has worked for the council for over 20 years. The past three have been in Information Governance doing information compliance work. Before that he worked as a Change Manager for Legal Services. Forsyth will be involved in the effort to change the culture within the organisation to a position of information being open by default.

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