Join us for our 1st public event

Written by: Data Mill North, 06/03/2014

This is the first event hosted by Leeds Data Mill and is open to all to participate. With your help we will explore the myths and reality of the services we use on a day-to-day basis to understand what is the quality of life of a Leeds citizen.

The solution is more than technology, help create the right Big Picture!
We know that technology can only go so far without the right context. So we are inviting all critical thinkers to participate on the day. We need your ideas, creativity and inspiration to help us create the right Big Picture using the real currency of change – Open Data. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with Open Data, we’ll start the day with an introduction in plain English. .

What will happen on the day?
You will be part of a group of 3-4 people and will work with your team to explore ideas and solutions that answer the question – What is the quality of life in Leeds and how can we make it better? The event is also an opportunity for you to explore how different people relate to the city. So throughout the day we will hold group discussions and brainstorming activities. On the other hand if you think you’ve got a great idea and would like to spend the two days work on a technical solution by yourself, that is fine as well.

Who can attend?
Are you a THINKER, CREATOR, DOER or DESIGNER? Then this event is for you! We want the day to be full of rich perspectives and and discussions. We are also looking for facilitators, so if you enjoy working with groups of people, get in touch.

Do I need anything to prepare?
We’ve got a fantastic setting for the event – Leeds City Museum. We also have free WiFi and plenty of paper and pen for you to brainstorm with your team. Refreshments will be available throughout the day. If you plan on coding please bring your own device – a Mac or a PC.

8th & 9th March at Leeds City Museum from 9am

9am – Registration, teas, coffees and refreshments on arrival
9.30am – Welcome
Housekeeping, overview of the agenda for the weekend and the connection to the national programme of events.
9.45am – Presentation: Leeds Data Mill
Mark Barrett, the principles of Leeds Data Mill, how to use it, examples of data sets available today.
9.55am – Lightening talks: The Characters

  • Thinker – Emma Bearman TBC
  • Doer: Andy Bolton
  • Creative: Lee Hicken
  • Designer – Si Wilson

10.20am – Lightening talks: The Challenges

  • Health and wellbeing: Victoria Betton & Gill Crawshaw
  • Employment & Skills: Abhay Adhikari
  • Culture & arts: Leanne Buchan
  • Diverse Economy: TBC, Bruntwood
  • Smart City: Mark Barrett

10.45am – Selecting groups
11.00am – Hack day begins
A series of prompt cards are placed on each table guiding the groups in how to approach the hack day challenge, from first agreeing upon a challenge and discussing the various opportunities and constraints presented by that challenge through to a series of provocations led by each member of the group e.g., the Thinker in the group could lead a discussion about the bigger picture implications, whilst the doer could take the group through the Leeds Data Mill to find data sets that could help.
1.00pm – Lunch
2.00pm – The groups return to the hack challenge and continue to follow the prompt cards.
3.00pm – Teas and coffees refreshed
4.30pm – Final half hour call
5.00pm – Hack closes for the day.

Sunday 9th March – Leeds City Museum

9am – Registration, teas, coffees and refreshments on arrival
9.30am – Welcome
Housekeeping, overview of programme and timings for the day.
9.45am – Hack starts with new prompt cards focused on service design whether that is an actual product or a concept to be presented at the end of the day.
1.00pm – Break for lunch
2.30pm – Reminder to finish work (and presentations)
3.00pm – Hacks presented to judges (5 minute limit)
Judges to score the hacks
4.00pm – The results
Prizes awarded
4.30pm – Global Service Jam joins us to present the work from their event
5.00pm – Close and high fives