Sustainable Development Lab named as one of 2016’s New Radicals by Nesta and Observer newspaper

Written by: Abhay Adhikari, Urban Sustainable Development Lab, 11/07/2016

The Sustainable Development Lab has been named as one of 2016’s New Radicals by Nesta and the Observer newspaper. We are one of 50 radical-thinking individuals and organisations changing the UK for the better! Check out our profile on the Nesta website.

It has been running for 18 months. With help from the public, developers, technologist and the sustainable development team we have addressed themes as diverse as education, environment, transport, social housing, domestic violence and community safety.

What sets us apart is the approach. Instead of being driven by policy or tech, the Lab defines and co-produces solutions with the community. Taking the life-experiences of older people as a focus, issues such as social isolation or public transport can generate accessible and affordable outcomes. Solutions can then be scaled by governments to help cities address the genuine needs of their communities, using cutting-edge technology.

Our recent project CareView has helped identify older residents reconnect which may be at risk of social isolation in their local communities using innovative data-driven insight. The Leodis Collections has been launched, providing a new way of accessing historical images.

The Bus Beacon is being tested onsite at a Neighbourhood Network, a novel way of letting you know when your bus is on its way. GSOH is being tested by users to discover new neighbourhoods that may be suitable for them to live in. You can download and use the LeedsBins app for iPhone and Android devices.

We are evaluating the impact of these projects through community pilots. We are also developing a business case to support successful ideas.

If you would like to take part or if you have any questions, visit

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