Variations in drug prescriptions in England

Written by: Sandip Ghattaure, Data Mill North, 16/12/2015
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At Leeds Data Mill we’re always looking to new and innovative methods of presenting open data in interesting and useful ways.

We recently came across the website OpenPrescribing ( which does just that. Built by Ben Goldacre and Anna Powell-Smith at the EBM Data Lab, OpenPrescribing uses millions of rows of prescription CSV data which is published by the HSCIC right here in Leeds.  The website converts the data into useful information, which can be easily viewed, analysed and queried by the public and health professionals.

The site, currently in beta, allows you to compare several standard prescribing measures as well as providing the facility to compare CCGs and Practices, all of which is displayed graphically or on a map. Instead of trawling through lines and lines of data OpenPrescribing saves the user time and resources needed to analyse the data or developing their own dashboard.