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Dataset showing all council owned vehicles.


The following information refers to the columns in the data:

  • Fleet = fleet number (specific number used to identify a vehicle)
  • Date of Reg = The date the vehicle was first registered
  • Dispose Date = Date the vehicle is or was scheduled to be replaced, services sometimes decide to extend this date
  • Dept = The service within the council who operate the vehicle
  • Depot = The location where the vehicle is stored
  • Fuel used = type of fuel the vehicle is powered by
  • Total distance = Total mileage of the vehicle since Date of Reg
  • Cameras = Vehicles fitted with cameras. Please note this information is still being collated therefore is not yet complete
  • Workshop = vehicles fixed in-house and those maintained by private garages

From 2019 we also include a column which indicates if the vehicle is owned/hired/leased.

Further Information

  • If you have any further queries you can contact the Head of Fleet Services, Terry Pycroft, by emailing or calling 0113 378 1440.
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