Fleet vehicles fuel consumption

Created 5 years ago, updated 5 months ago

Dataset showing how much fuel each council vehicle has consumed, by year and by fuel type.

Dataset guidance

The following information refers to the columns in the data:

  • Fleet = fleet number (specific number used to identify a vehicle)
  • Vehicle = vehicle type
  • Fuel = fuel used in litres
  • Dist.Run = Total mileage for the reporting period
  • MPG = Miles Per Gallon
  • Type = D: Diesel, G: Gas Oil

Due to problems and changes with the fuel system software this data is not available for 2017/18. Data for 2018/19 will be published.

2018/19  (57.38 kB)
2016/17  (80.95 kB)
2015/16  (217.51 kB)

2014  (225.44 kB)
2013  (211.03 kB)