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Leeds Bins app record of lookups

Created 3 years ago, updated 8 months ago

A list of one million bin day look-ups from the Leeds Bins app, from 2015-07-22 to 2019-30-10. Includes the date, output area, and ward of the property searched.

During early testing there are some duplicate lookups. Internal testing ends upon app launch.

Example uses of this data are at

Significant dates,

2016-07-05 = app official launch day (though it was available on stores before then).

Winter 2016 = Leeds City Council promotion in the run up to Christmas.

2017-03-16 = launch of app on Windows.


This PDF file contains visualisations and a report based on Leeds Bins app usage and downloads. The raw data is contained in the PDF and can be extracted in Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, and many other PDF Readers.

This is a trial based on work at with Adobe.

Individual lookups from the Leeds Bins app. Date, Output Area, Ward.