Leeds City Council property lets

Created 2 years ago, updated 5 months ago

This data is Leeds City Council's social housing property lets through its Choice Based Lettings scheme.

Column descriptions

  • CBL ID: Choice based lettings ID
  • AP Priority (DD + 1): Priority of the applicant and their category
  • AT Commencement date: Date the property was the advertised
  • AP Date award (DD+1): Date (if applicable) that the successful applicant was awarded any priority on their application
  • AP Application Date: Date the tenancy commenced
  • Weeks to Rehouse: No. of weeks it took the successful applicant to be rehoused
  • Property Type Desc: Type of property which was let
  • Ward Description: Ward area of the property
  • UDC Dte of Reg Quota: States if the property was let through the Date of Registration Quota (DORQ) policy
  • No of bids: Number of bids received for the property
  • Address[1]: Address line 1 of the property which was let
  • Address[2]: Address line 2 of the property which was let
  • Address[3]: Address line 3 of the property which was let
  • Pr Postcode: Post Code of the property which was let


Please note

  • These datasets are updated quarterly and show data on a rolling 5 year basis