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The Influencing Travel Behaviour Team (ITB) provide road safety education, training and publicity to schools, communities, businesses and Leeds residents. We promote sustainable travel throughout Leeds along with helping schools and businesses to develop and implement their travel plans (which promote safe, sustainable and less car dependent patterns of travel).


Each year we request mode of travel data from schools in Leeds via a SIMS report or excel spreadsheet. The 10 modes of travel specified in the data collection are:

Bus (type not known), Car Share (children travelling together from different households), Car/Van, Cycle, Dedicated School Bus, Other, Public Bus Service, Taxi, Train, Walk (including scooting)


This collection forms part of the Statutory duty local authorities have to monitor the success of promoting sustainable travel, and in some cases is linked to a school’s planning obligated travel plan. It is an important part of improving road safety and promoting healthy lifestyles among children in Leeds but since the council declared a climate emergency in March of this year the data is even more valuable. The data helps us understand the environmental context in Leeds and work to effectively limit carbon emissions wherever possible. 

We strongly encourage all schools to provide the data but not all of them respond to the request and we do not always receive a response for every pupil/student so some school response rates may be low.

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