Skype for Business Conferencing Usage

Created 7 months ago, updated 7 months ago

A data set showing the use of Skype for Business for conferencing at Leeds City Council.

Total AV conferences - This shows the number of separate AV conferences which have actually happened in the period.

Total Unique Conference Organisers - This shows the number of separate individuals who have scheduled a conference via Outlook. Ad hoc conferences are not included.

Conferencing Milestones and Supporting Activities:

2014 - Skype

•Council wide communications – InSite and email

•Dedicated help materials

•Bespoke support on request

2016 - Enterprise Voice

•Council wide communications

•Headsets & speakerphones

•Dedicated help materials

•Overview & Practice sessions

•Super user classroom sessions

•Reinforcement of conferencing messages

• Bespoke support on request

2017 - Room Based equipment

•Council wide communications

•On site communications

•Dedicated help materials signposted when booking a room

•PAL video curriculum


•Demos for users and on site Facilities staff.

•Bespoke support on request