The following dataset shows incidents in West Yorkshire area attended by West Yorkshire Fire Service broken down by district, ward area and first part of postcode.


  • Primary fires are generally more serious fires occurring in one or more of the following locations, buildings, caravans or trailers, vehicles and other methods of transport (not derelict). Outdoor storage, plant, machinery, agricultural, forestry property, most outdoor structures including post boxes, tunnels, bridges, etc., any fire involving casualties or rescues, or attended by five or more appliances, would also be categorised as a primary fire.
  • A secondary fire is an incident that did not occur at a primary location, was not a chimney fire in an occupied building, did not involve casualties (otherwise categorised as a Primary incident) and was attended by four or fewer appliances. They are generally small fires which start in, and are confined to, outdoor locations. Typically, they are fires in grass or heathland, fires involving rubbish, fires involving street or railway furniture and fires in derelict buildings or vehicles. Aggregated basic information is collected for secondary fires, chimney fires and false fire alarms from the monthly summary provided by brigades. However, fires in secondary locations which involve casualties or rescues or which are attended by five or more appliances are reported in the same way as a primary location.
  • Deliberate fires include fires where deliberate ignition is merely suspected.
  • Accidental fires include fires where the cause was not known or unspecified.
  • RTC – Road Traffic Collisions.

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