Performance commitments annual performance report(APR) 2014-2019

Created 3 months ago, updated 2 months ago

In July 2019, we published our annual performance review, which can be found here

We also published our performance at a glance, we gives customers an overview of our performance commitments

The reason for this is to provide an open and transparent view of how we are doing. However, as a business looking to constantly improve the way in which we present our information to our customers, we also acknowledge that pdf's are not always the most useful, which is why we have published this within excel(.xlsx) and comma separated values(.csv) here.

The versions include the accompanying definitions and are formatted alongside the outcomes that they support and shows a summarised view of the last 5 years of reporting against the 26 performance commitments.

For an explanation of each of the headers, please see attached header definition table.


This is an abridged version of the performance commitments 2014-2019 formatted in csv.