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Source Datasets
  • Updated 15 hours ago

    Housing of multiple occupation licence register

    Leeds City Council
    The Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence register shows if a landlord has been issued with a HMO licence for his or her property and the expiry date of the licence. New licence applications will not appear on the register until they have been processed and issued. Landlords of properties issued with HMO licences must display a copy of their licence in a prominent position in the licensed premises. It is an offence for a person t...
  • Updated 18 hours ago

    Leeds schools energy costs

    Leeds City Council
    This data set is no longer updated. The information it contains is included in the council energy consumption data set. This dataset lists the costs and consumtion of gas and electricity of all schools in Leeds (council managed or otherwise) which use/used the Leeds City Council (LCC) energy contract supplied by Engie UK. Please note Comsumption values are in Kilowatt hours (kWh). The council's current supplier of electricity ...
  • Updated 18 hours ago

    Council energy consumption

    Leeds City Council
    Energy consumption of council sites from council buildings to street lighting. ·Electricity is supplied to the Council by Engie Power Ltd and this contract is due to expire on 31 st March 2021, although there are options to extend this contract should parties so wish. · Gas is supplied to the Council by Engie Gas Ltd and this contract is due to expire on 31st October 2020, although there are options to extend this contract should pa...
  • Updated 18 hours ago

    Community trigger indicator for anti-social behaviour

    Leeds City Council
    A dataset providing a breakdown of the key performance indicators for anti-social behaviour (ASB) case reviews. Community triggers are special cases where repeated anti-social behaviour occurs. If you have reported 3 separate incidents in the past 6 months to the council, police or social landlord and would like for an impartial review of your case, you can request a community trigger. A community trigger is an impartial review of a cas...
  • Updated 19 hours ago

    Business rates - credits over £50.00 written on

    Leeds City Council
    A list of all credits over £50.00 on Business Rates accounts where we have been unable to identify where the credit should be refunded.
  • Updated 3 days ago

    Public health funerals

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    Under the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984, we have a statutory duty to make arrangements for the funeral of any person who has died or is found dead in the Wakefield District, where it appears that no suitable funeral arrangements have been made, or are being made. Before arranging a person’s funeral we will make enquiries as to the existence of a will, any relatives who are able to deal with the arrangements, or funds to ...
  • Updated 4 days ago

    Council spending

    Leeds City Council
    The government recommends that local authorities publish expenditure over £500 and all expenditure made on purchasing cards. As of January 2014 and in line with our commitment to openness and transparency we will now be publishing ALL transactions (note; areas may be redacted as they may be commercially sensitive or there may be data protection issues). Local Government Transparency Code 2015 This is a key dataset which the government ...
  • Updated 6 days ago

    Postcode lookup UK

    Office of National Statistics
    This dataset contains the National Statistics Postcode Lookup (NSPL) for the United Kingdom and is updated quarterly. The NSPL relates current postcodes to other statistical geographies via ‘best-fit’ allocation from the 2011 Census output areas. It supports the production of area based statistics from postcoded data. The NSPL is produced by ONS Geography, which provides geographic support to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and...
  • Updated 7 days ago

    Primary school allocations

    Leeds City Council
    This dataset shows the priority cut off distances for all primary schools that either follows the LA Admissions Policy because they are a Community Controlled School or are their own admitting authority school but follow the LA Admissions Policy completely. It also shows the priority cut off distances for schools that have an element of distance in their own admissions policy. The dataset also shows the admitted numbers under each prior...
  • Updated 11 days ago

    Council spending summaries

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    This dataset comprises spending summaries for a range of services and cost types.  Included at present are summaries of, agency social worker costs, consultant costs, domestic abuse service costs, expenditure on temporary accomodation, public health funeral costs.