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Local Services Plain Text
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Council spending summaries

    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
    This dataset comprises spending summaries for a range of services and cost types.  Included at present are summaries of, agency social worker costs, consultant costs, domestic abuse service costs, expenditure on temporary accomodation, public health funeral costs.
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Signposting innovation lab

    Innovation Labs
    A dataset providing the background, list of solutions and outcome for the signposting innovation lab.  The lab was held on Monday 18th April 2016 and commissioned by Citizens and Communities, Leeds City Council.  Development question Sometimes individuals’ needs may be complex and require help, support and intervention from a variety of sources. We want to look at how we can improve access to quality and consistent advice and support...
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Customer meter data

    Yorkshire Water
    This dataset comprises of Yorkshire Water Customer Meter data both actual and estimated readings for domestic properties in the Yorkshire Water operational area. The dataset has been anonymised to remove personal data and make it Data Protection Act compliant. There is 5 years worth of data for 2010 - 2015.  Dataset guidance POSTAL_TOWN - Name of postal town (e.g. Bradford). POSTCODE_OUTCODE - First part of post code (e.g. BD10). ...
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Daily customer meter data - local area study

    Yorkshire Water
    A dataset showing daily water consumption readings in cubic metres (m3) from internal and/or external meters in a discrete study in two distribution management areas (DMAs) in Yorkshire between 2013 and 2015. This data is taken from a live localised project investigating water use.  The data has been anonymised to remove personal data and make it Data Protection Act compliant. The DMAs are also anonymised to prevent any open data acti...