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  • Updated 16 days ago

    Confidential waste

    Confidential waste by council building, date and amount. The council is undergoing a programme of reviewing its records therefore the data may show spikes in disposal. The contract with who disposes of this data was changed in June 2013 which is why there is a difference in what data is supplied post this date. Please note Information here is that which has been supplied by the contractor Due to changes data between Jan 14 to Sept ...
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Arts@Leeds funded organisation monitoring data

    The Arts Development Team runs a funding scheme and a programme of cultural events throughout the year. Our aim is to: CREATE opportunities for local people to take part in the cultural life of the city; SUPPORT local artists and arts organisations working in communities; and PROMOTE partnership working within the arts and cultural sector. This dataset provides financial information for this 3 year longer term funding option. A...
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Public Health data - Mortality rates Leeds

    Directly Age Standardised Mortality Rates (DASR) per 100,000. Age standardised rates compensate for differing age structures by weighting them to meet the European Standard Population (2013). Rates can then be compared for different areas, or even across area types. Attention should be given to upper and lower 95% confidence intervals as a quick method of determining whether rates could overlap or are significantly different. Wide confi...
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Life Expectancy in Leeds (3 year averages)

    Life expectancy in years (3 year averages). Attention should be given to upper and lower 95% confidence intervals as a quick method of determining whether expectancies could overlap or are significantly different. Source: ONS and GP registered populations.
  • Updated 16 days ago

    GP registered populations (5 year agebands)

    Leeds GP registered patients living inside Leeds. Counts per 5 year ageband for MSOAs, Wards, Community Committees, and Leeds.
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Bradford fly tipping

    This dataset is derived from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and relates to reports of fly tipping on public land reported between November 2009 and July 2017. During this time fly tipping issues were logged against the street. c.85% of issues were reported against a street that is entirely within a single ward. Where a street passes through multiple wards then all ward names are shown. Not all fly tips reported to Street Clean...
  • Created 16 days ago

    Community Funerals

    These files provide details of public funerals arranged by North Tyneside Council's Court of Protection Team
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Pest control

    Dataset showing callouts where pest control is required.
  • Updated 17 days ago

    Data Mill North webstats

    This dataset shows how many times a top-level dataset page is viewed (e.g. and how many times a sub-page is viewed (e.g. Please note Leeds Data Mill launched on Friday 7th March 2014. Leeds Data Mill was rebraned to Data Mill North on Monday 1st August 2016 Over time, page URLs may change, therefore so...
  • Updated 17 days ago

    Customer Services contact enquiries

    DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS THIS DATA IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEInformation showing customer contact to our Contact Centre and One Stop Centres by month. Dataset Guidance F2F = Face-to-face (One Stop Centre) CC = Contact centre (Call centre/telephone) Please note Leeds City Council has recently changed systems to record this information.  As such, there are current difficulties in producing this report as has previously been the ...