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  • Updated 4 months ago

    Life Expectancy in Leeds (3 year averages)

    Leeds City Council
    Life expectancy in years (3 year averages). Attention should be given to upper and lower 95% confidence intervals as a quick method of determining whether expectancies could overlap or are significantly different. Source: ONS and GP registered populations.
  • Updated a year ago

    Stockport Births and Deaths

    Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
    This dataset contains the count of births and fertility rate by LSOA for 2015, along with the count and direct age standardized rate of deaths for the period 2013-15. Information on the calculation of direct age standardized rates can be found in the technical documentation below. LiveBirth: Live Births 2015 Fert_Rate: General fertility rate 2015 Deaths: Deaths 2013-2015 Stan_Death: Directly Standardized Rate Deaths 2013-15
  • Updated a year ago

    Public health funerals data

    Newcastle City Council
    We have a duty to dispose of a deceased body under the provisions of the National Assistance and Public Health (Control of Disease) Acts 1948, if the person who died has no assets or if there are no relatives who can make funeral arrangments. Hospitals and care homes may also be able to help if the person dies while in their care. Initial contact is usually through the Coroner. If the next of kin is known, contact will be made to esta...