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  • Updated 8 months ago

    Fleet vehicles fuel consumption

    Leeds City Council
    Dataset showing how much fuel each council vehicle has consumed, by year and by fuel type. Dataset guidance The following information refers to the columns in the data: Fleet = fleet number (specific number used to identify a vehicle) Vehicle = vehicle type Fuel = fuel used in litres Dist.Run = Total mileage for the reporting period MPG = Miles Per Gallon Type = D: Diesel, G: Gas Oil Due to problems and changes with the fuel system...
  • Updated a year ago

    Leeds schools energy costs

    Leeds City Council
    This data set is no longer updated. The information it contains is included in the council energy consumption data set. This dataset lists the costs and consumtion of gas and electricity of all schools in Leeds (council managed or otherwise) which use/used the Leeds City Council (LCC) energy contract supplied by Engie UK. Please note Comsumption values are in Kilowatt hours (kWh). The council's current supplier of electricity ...
  • Updated a year ago

    Council energy consumption

    Leeds City Council
    Energy consumption of council sites from council buildings to street lighting. ·Electricity is supplied to the Council by Engie Power Ltd and this contract is due to expire on 31 st March 2021, although there are options to extend this contract should parties so wish. · Gas is supplied to the Council by Engie Gas Ltd and this contract is due to expire on 31st October 2020, although there are options to extend this contract should pa...
  • Updated a year ago

    Newcastle City Library energy consumption

    Newcastle City Council
    Monthly energy consumption (electricity, gas, water) at Newcastle City Library from January 2011. Additional information Gas consumption January 2015: no data available due to a change of meter.
  • Updated 3 years ago

    Energy innovation lab

    Innovation Labs
    A dataset providing the background, list of solutions and outcome for the energy innovation lab.  The lab was held on Monday 24th August 2015 and commisssioned by Sustainable Energy & Climate Change, Strategy & Resources, Leeds City Council.  Development question Using available data how can we create innovative solutions that encourage managers within Leeds City Council to take a greater interest in the energy consumed by their serv...