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    Council properties under-occupation

    Dataset showing those properties which are deemed to be under occupation. These have all had a reduction in their housing benefit. In some cases the reduction has been paid for by...
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    City wide empty properties trends

    This dataset shows monthly trends for: The total number of empty properties (regardless of tenure or how long empty) Long term (6 months plus) empty private sector properties...
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    Long term empty properties owned by Ltd companies

    This data relates to long term empty properties (i.e. those that have been empty for more than 6 months). The information relates purely to empty property addresses that are...
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    Housing of multiple occupation licence register

    The Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence register shows if a landlord has been issued with a HMO licence for his or her property and the expiry date of the licence. New...
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    Housing land supply in Leeds

    This dataset shows information on development sites which contribute to the housing land supply in Leeds. These figures relate only to the supply of housing units on allocated...
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    Council tax charges

    Council tax charges information by property band
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    GP practices

    The following link provides data on GPs, GP practices, nurses and pharmacies in the UK. Please note The GP practices file contains all prescribing cost centres as opposed...
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    National public transport access nodes (NaPTAN)

    NaPTAN is Britain's national system for uniquely identifying points of access to public transport. It is a core component of the national transport information infrastructure and...
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    Households in temporary accommodation in Leeds

    This dataset contains the numbers of households accommodated by local authorities, broken down by local authority and temporary accommodation type from 2011 Q2 to 2014 Q2 for...
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    Housing market supply in Leeds

    This dataset shows net additional dwellings for Leeds from 2004-05 to 2013-14. Net additions measures the absolute change in dwelling stock between 1 April and 31 March of the...