Useful Reading

Below are a compilation of news items and sites promoting open data and Data Mill North, if you have any news you would like to add please drop us a line and we’ll stick it on.

Open data a rubbish idea? Not in Leeds where a bin collection app is cleaning up (published Jun 18, 2018)

Leed’ing the way as Britain’s healthcare innovators (published Nov 13, 2017)

The northern powerhouse in action (published Feb 15, 2017)

(Open Data) Case Study: Leeds (published Jan 27, 2017)

Leeds Digital City: Real life problems with online solutions (published Dec 07, 2016)

Wise Council: Insights from the cutting edge of data-driven local government (published Nov 29, 2016)

My Agenda: Stephen Blackburn (published Nov 14, 2016)

Open Data Awards 2016: open innovators from around the world (published Nov 01, 2016)

Data Mill North expands Leeds data mill mantle (published Aug 5, 2016)

Local datavores workshop (published Jul 13, 2016)

What can open data do for public services (published Jul 12, 2016)

Bin there, done that! New app takes hassle out of rubbish collection day (published Jul 06, 2016)

Dynamic calibration of agent-based models using data assimilation (published Apr 13, 2016)

DCLG Local Digital passes baton to Local Digital Coalition (published Apr 4, 2016)

Accessing Open Data from Ruby Code (published Mar 29, 2016)

Empty Homes in England (published Mar 04, 2016)

It’s time to say goodbye to the open data portal. Here’s why… (published Feb 16, 2016)

The future will be built on open data – here’s why (published Feb 05, 2016)

Making open data work for you: case studies (published Nov, 2015)

CDi Leeds Data Mill (published Nov, 2015)

Bad news, good news and the Leeds housing crisis (published Oct 25, 2015)

What is Leeds Data Mill (published Aug 12, 2015)

The missing guide to Leeds business rates open data (published May 6, 2015)

Open data for cities: Leeds shows us how it’s done (published Sept 29, 2014)

New website transforms open data into live snapshot of Leeds (published Jul 15, 2014)


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