A warm-up session ahead of an online interactive conference focused on air quality and the climate.
About this Event
#AirHack2 – Warm-up session

16 July 2020 – 14:00 – 15:30

Our last #AirHack event was in 2017, where the matter of air quality was hitting the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Fast-forward to 2020. The conversation around air quality is now dramatically one-sided, with proof during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown that changes to behaviour and transport can improve air quality.

As lockdown is lifted and we work in a post-pandemic world, what should happen next with air quality? Will all of the people who switched to walking and cycling stick with it? What are the effects of a gradual increase in motor traffic versus a sudden increase?

Working together, ODI Leeds and Bradford Council want to explore these questions and more at an online interactive event in September as part of the European North Sea Region Interreg project: SCORE (Smart Cities and Open data REuse). To help us shape that event – get the right speakers, ask the right questions, etc – we are hosting this warm-up session to gauge people’s most pressing concerns or queries about air quality.

Join us if you

have an air quality project or data you want to share
would like to see more data readily available on air quality
want to ask questions about air quality (or if you have the answers)
know about community health and wellbeing projects centred on the effects of air quality