We don't just want Data Mill North to be an open data repository, we want it to be part of the ever growing digital community in our region.  Whether it's innovation labs, hack days or lightening talks if it's going on we'll promote it here.  So, if you're arranging anything, get in touch and we'd only be too happy to help promote it!

Upcoming Events

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Open Source Hardware Camp 2017

Date: 02/09/2017 - 03/09/2017

Venue: The Birchcliffe Centre
Birchcliffe Road
Hebden Bridge

Open Source Hardware Camp 2017 will take place place in the north of England, in the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge. Running over the course of a weekend, with talks on the Saturday and workshops on the Sunday. There will also be a social event on the Saturday evening.

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IoT build and deploy at Wuthering Bytes

Date: 03/09/2017

Venue: Bridge Rectifier
Hebble End
Hebden Bridge

Utilising a technology called LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) devices can be created inexpensively with massive range and low power consumption. This makes it ideal for the creation of sensors and devices that can be left in remote locations. This workshop is a practical demonstration that will take people through the process of building simple devices that can be connected to the Things Network.

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Things Happening

Date: 04/09/2017

Venue: Hebden Bridge Town Hall
Saint George's Street
Hebden Bridge

Things Happening on 4 September is a one day symposium that will explore the potential of Long Range Wide Area Networks. From building the underlying infrastructure to deployment of sensors and devices, it is an opportunity to see what is being developed, and learn from the people who are doing it.

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Past Events

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IoT: Hype or Helpful? Exploring the future of business opportunities

Date: 27/07/2017

Venue: Sensor City
31 Russell Street
L3 5LJ

So what is all this hype about the Internet of Things? Is it really the next phase of the Internet, will it really transform our lives, is it really worth £322 billion to the UK Economy by 2020?
For the more seasoned of us, are we at the peak of IoT gimmicky products and hype? Has the bubble now burst and will application after application become viable and then valuable? Join us on the 27th July for a joint IX Liverpool and Sensor City event, presented by Prof. Matt Wilson from Telecoms Cloud and you’ll discover how the Internet of Things could affect society, the workplace and your home, and learn what (if any) opportunities could arise out of it.

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SmartKlub Leeds – Solar Solutions for Leeds, Co-production Event

Date: 26/07/2017

Venue: ODI Leeds
Duke Street

Leeds City Council is constantly working with partners to identify opportunities for the Council and the City.
This has recently included a number of opportunities relating to the development, funding and creation of solar energy generation assets.
The objective of this workshop is to use the framework of SmartKlub Leeds and co-produce an outline delivery plan for solar energy Projects across its and the wider public sector estate.
The specific aims of the workshop are to explore the opportunities, business & funding models for solar energy at scale in Leeds, and understand the delivery & business models that The Council and Partners could issue to deploy solar energy at scale across the City.

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Make the most of your mobile

Date: 25/07/2017

Venue: Delph Library

Come along to this free, friendly and informal session where we’ll look at how to get the most out of your mobile phone.

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