This is a public event


#PlanetData was launched in 2019 as our response to the Climate Emergency. It was an open, collaborative, and energetic event, where people could share work/data in a neutral environment and either find help or get their work amplified so that it was seen by the right people. In stark contrast to traditionally closed methods, working in this ‘Radically Open’ way speeds up innovation and gets things done. Make your work easy to find, allow people to access it with no barriers, and let people contribute in easy and meaningful ways. Participation without permission.

The Climate Emergency is not going away. We need to keep discussions going and carry on making decisions that can get us to sustainable futures. We will be hosting a special online session so that we can keep fighting the Climate Emergency, even during the most trying and testing of times. As recent events are showing, we do have the ability to enable powerful and swift positive changes, and we have been given a glimpse of ‘what could be’ if we all worked together. #PlanetData2 will be a series of lightning talks and interactive sessions designed to get you thinking about what you can do tomorrow to do more climate action.

Join us on 29 April 2020 to find out what other people and organisations are doing, how you can help, and what happens next.