Smart Cities UK Roadshow – Leeds
Organiser: Smart Cities UK
This is a public event
Leeds Town Hall
The Headrow

Smart Cities UK Roadshow – Leeds

08:45 – 09:30 – Registration
09:30 – What the Series is all about
Speaker – Scott Buckler, Smart Cites UK, Director
09:40 – Welcome from Host
Speaker – Stephen Blackburn, Data & Information Manager, Leeds City Council
09:50 – Improved outcomes for all – Exclusive presentation
Smart Cities are complicated, confusing to many and rarely focused beyond the provision of efficient city services. The specific needs of the citizen including usability, accessibility, or data security are not often take into account. Dr Jacqui Taylor and 3 other European experts are preparing a Technical Report for the European Commission to articulate the requirements of inhabitants of or visitors to smart cities or communities.

Jacqui will explain the next phase of innovation work in Europe which is built around a new cities agenda. She will also share the key findings of this citizen work and outline the draft recommendations which are being considered. This work is supported by the Human Factors branch of the European standardisation body ETSI and will also consider cities standardization needs of European cities.

10:20 – How can Councils deliver economic & social outcomes through innovation – Workshop
Via a facilitated workshop, delegates will identify 3 key challenges to councils and what role innovation can play. Citing examples of impact and progress within the UK, the workshop will address whether adoption is viable with current funding and resources. The session will allow for delegates to share ideas, build platforms and network on overcoming challenges.

11:20 – Refreshment break/Networking
11:40 – Unlocking procurement to support smart city innovations – Workshop
Speaker – Jacqui Taylor, CEO, Flyingbinary & Smart City Tsar for UK & Crown Commercial Services
Jacqui Taylor, Government Smart City Tsar along with Crown Commercial Services, will provide brand new, exclusive guidance on new procurement standards, frameworks and opportunities to support social and economic improvements.

The workshop will provide opportunity for delegates to ask questions on the new cities agenda, new procurement frameworks including Spark and what regional based procurement opportunities are available!

*This is an exclusive session and this information will be heard for the first time!

12:45 – Lunch
13:30 – Delivering the digital foundations to enable Smart Cities
Intechnology Smart Cities will discuss and demonstrate how they are working with key cities and towns throughout the UK to realise the Smart City vision by getting the digital building blocks right. Their presentation will focus on key locations that have successfully implemented the right digital infrastructure and are now benefitting from the opportunities and benefits it enables.

Speaker – Rob Woollard, Technical Product Manager, Intechnology Smart Cities
13.50 – Leeds City Council: Ensuring everyone in the city benefits from the online revolution
Find out how Leeds City Council is taking a pioneering approach to digital inclusion with their 100% Digital Leeds programme. Our innovative approach to funding the different strands of 100% Digital Leeds sees us combine budgets from different council departments with a focus on improving outcomes.

Speaker – Jason Tutin, Digital & Learning Development Manager, Leeds City Council
14:10 – Hull City Council: Procuring data platforms and tackling air quality through innovation
Speaker – Adam Jennison, Business Relationship Manager & ICT lead, Hull City Council
14:30 – Facilitating Smart City Growth Through Full Fibre Infrastructure
Find out how CityFibre are facilitating the development of Smart Cities across the UK by providing full fibre infrastructure. Through collaboration, CityFibre will enable cities to exploit the full potential of emerging technologies underpinned by full fibre, while connecting homes and businesses to its ever growing, gigabit-capable network.

Kim Johnston, City Manager – CityFibre
14:50 – City of York Council – Delivering a smart agenda across York
How the City of York is improving travel, housing and digital engagement.

Speaker – Simon Donnelly, ICT Digital Manager, City of York Council
15:10 – Why cybersecurity needs to be a focus area when creating a Smart City
According to Forbes, there will be 80 billion devices connected to the internet by 2025. At the same time, we see an ever-increasing amount of cyber threats. How can cities ensure that they work in a structured and efficient way when it comes to cybersecurity? Listen to Axis Communications and their experiences of how vetting a vendor needs to be the first step towards a more cybersecure approach.

Speaker – Jens Strinsjö, Business Development Manager, Smart Cities, Northern Europe
15:30 – What we have learnt from the day & Close