Benchmarking Your Smart City Strategy – Webinar
This is a public event

Benchmarking Your Smart City Strategy – Webinar

Cities are Darwinian: they need to adapt to the unprecedented changes – societal, technological, economic and environmental – that are taking place now and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Smart processes and the use of benchmarking are critical to helping cities analyse their adaptability and resilience to change – providing city leaders with not only a toolkit to focus their efforts, but also an evidence base for a stakeholder-led, holistic approach to providing solutions and achieving long-term goals.

In this webinar, Allan will outline how Digital Greenwich Cities is using an evidence-based tool to ensure its smart city strategy has resilience and adaptability at the core. Allan will showcase the benchmarking tool and highlight current economic and social trends across Greater Manchester.

The webinar will also examine current challenges from regions along with other local authority/borough data to make meaningful comparisons about how resilient the boroughs are to the significant changes afoot, and to gain powerful insights into priorities and risks, with a view to developing smarter, more effective interventions that will ameliorate the situation.

This interactive webinar, utilising question & answer sessions and polls will allow delegates the opportunity to share their concerns, ideas and opportunities to create an open, transparent and shared-learning session.

If you can’t make the date/time don’t worry, the series will be recorded and available for download.

Price: Free for Local/Central Government, Free for current Smart City Members, £60 inc VAT for Private Sector, £150 inc VAT for all 3 in the mini-series
If you are a private company wishing to book your place please email [email protected]