Open Data Saves Lives – Using Open Data During Covid-19 Crisis

An initial kick-off session to work out how we can get a local perspective and impact of the COVID-19 / coronavirus outbreak.
About this Event
Thursday 23 March 2020

11:00 – 12:00


There is a lot of coverage about the impact of the virus nationally but a majority of citizens’ concerns will be focused locally. They want to know how their local area will be affected – businesses, education, social care, transport, even green space and parks. Where is the data about the local perspective? Who is working on what, and how can others get involved?

With the help of NHS Digital (one of our sponsors) and Beautiful Information, we want to do what we do best in this time of uncertainty – we want to bring people together around this issue; share resources and knowledge; nurture the environment where innovation can just happen; and create useful tools and assets on the web, accessible by all, reusable and shareable. Why? If more people have access to data and tools, and work together, we reach innovative solutions at a quicker pace. Working in the open gets things done because people can see what you’re working towards and can join in at any time. There should be no gate-keepers to innovation at a time of crisis.

We will cover three main points:

Who wants to join in? (And who should join in?)
The data – where is it, what do we need, and what should we have?
What should we work on? (The initial focus is on what is locally relevant)
Join us via Zoom at with password 818777