Empowering Local Authorities with Digital Twins for Sustainable Decisions
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Empowering Local Authorities with Digital Twins for Sustainable Decisions

Empowering local authorities – How a Digital Twin allows urban planners to make sustainable decisions and reduce reliance on consultancies

About this Event
“A Digital Twin is all about the Data: Having access to that data, being able to interpret it, being able to share it with the right people we can deliver new, better and targeted services to the right people. We will reduce costs as a result and improve services that we can all access.”

Stephen Blackburn, Leeds City Council

We describe a Digital Twin as a digital environment that reflects on, mirrors, and evolves ahead of the physical environment. But how can this lead to a more sustainable future whilst directly showcasing its social and economic value in real-time? We invite you to join world’s first simulation-as-a-service company Slingshot Simulations to explore the world of Digital Twins, what that means, and how it can be used to empower stakeholders within a local authority to access, explore and understand the data about the place we live and work in.

We look to equip local authorities with the tools to move away from reliance on external advisors or consultancies and towards empowering them with the ability to check and monitor what is being advised to them so they can get it right the first time.